Book of The Dead

outer door, Book of The Dead, Artpace, San Antonio, 2005

photos by Todd Johnson

first hallway and entry portal 

opening night 

view into first chamber (12' X 13" X 6' - 8' height)

(note: in these images, darkened rooms are artificially lit for documentation purposes only. The only actual light source in this room is the video projection.) 

zero gravity recliner

rear screen video projection above zero gravity recliner, 40 minute loop of passing clouds, opening 12 inches in diameter 

at left, exit portal to second hallway

view into second chamber (16' X 14' X 9' height) from hallway 2

(two 48 inch ultraviolet tubes are the only actual light source)

exit from second chamber into labyrinth (300 linear feet of total darkness); door closes automatically and cannot be reopened from the other side

exit portal from the maze into the living room
(13' X 35' X 11' height) 

August Vischer, Fair Dance on the Threshing Floor 

Caspar David Friedrich, The Summer (Landscape with Lovers) 

lovers lamp 

monkey lamp 

the intoxicating angel greets a new page in the book of the dead 

"Welcome page 75. I hope you enjoy your stay in the living room." 

for Ram Ayala 

later the same night 

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