Little Green

Hills Snyder: Little Green         
Fresh Up Club May 26 - June 23, 2004                  

In the last days, people became reluctant to really be themselves. This was mostly due to the
disappointing influence of guitar players, who had long since lost public favor. Seen as histrionic,
self-absorbed showoffs, these cosmic extensions of Hermes lived not long enough to dip their feet in
water or find fire. But in their day, the vibe was strong and lo, it came to pass that these expressions
of the unbridled self left a stain on the retinas of all who beheld them.

And into the culture at large did pass a fear of letting the hair all hang out as youths of the day were
want say. And all the people held back and gazed at themselves as if in a mirror. And so it became a
world where all human activity was relentlessly replicated through a multitude of ways and means. This
to the very root of the tree where even the Babe in The Woods was doomed to always do everything
twice. But yea, it came to be known that sadder still was the truth that in these double doings we,
all of humanity, were the ones doing it the second time, not the first.

And so it was that the people asked, What did me when I thought I was doing it?

And the face of humanity became dark with inner looking like shadow turning away from shadow.

And the hands were held to account even unto clocks, which no longer had them.

And the feet were backward and read to be walking away even as they approached.

But then there came a carpenter from a distant place and he proclaimed:

Jesus, you people need to get some exercise.*     

*From the Latinate root “exo,” literally  “a singing in the blood.”


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